Friday, May 4, 2018

The Disciplinarian

Dr Abe V Rotor
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We were met by a fellow in T-shirt bearing the name of the retreat center in Tagaytay where we were going to spend a three-day spiritual retreat. 

"You are late." he muttered.

View of Tagaytay Ridge Philippines.  Photo by the author 

It was a gloomy morning. Our laughter in the bus coming from Manila fizzled out, and Lady Silence, the guardian of hollowed ground took over.
"Come with me, everybody."  He looked at his watch glinting, knotted his forehead and signaled the way.

We started taking out our things from the bus.

"Leave your things.  You can get them later... after the orientation."

We were led to a conference hall. 

"Don't sit at the back.  Occupy the front seats."

Hush, hush. We cautioned each other.

"During your stay here, observe our house rules." He read each rule slowly and painstakingly.  

The fellow must be a disciplinarian, I said in whisper. He stressed the "Don'ts"  and cited cases of violations and punishments. He reviewed his "kodigo" with moving finger, then looked at us in the eye.  

"If you have questions write them down."  He pointed at a suggestion box, "and drop them there."

Just then a kindly lady entered, bowed and greeted us.  "Good morning. I hope you had a pleasant trip. Welcome to Heaven's Hill."

The sun was shining through the window.  I heard birds in the trees. We returned her greeting courteously and smilingly.

"Thank you, Pedro.  Please attend to the things of our guests." ~    

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