Thursday, March 1, 2018

Insects, insects everywhere! Insects in verses

"If we were to wipe out insects alone on this planet, the rest of life and humanity with it would mostly disappear from the land. Within a few months." - E. O. Wilson
Dr Abe V Rotor

Precariously perched, oh Dragonfly;
     your doom awaits below;
a leap away or two, and time ticks,
     for there's no tomorrow. 

Bird droppings, these caterpillars assume;
     to deceive their enemies;
until they emerge - long secret preserved,
     mystery to the scientists.     

Anona fruit borers feast in numbers - 
     their survival, yet their doom;
when too many, and fruits are few,
     and there's not enough room.

Bagworm, turtle in the insect world;
carries its house as it roams around, 
bit by bit builds a beautiful mansion,
only to abandon it in the final round.

Green like a leaf and slim like snake, 
     this caterpillar bold and free;
Pavlov could be wrong to insects,
     and Charles Darwin in mimicry.    

Cicada, it's the male shrilling in the trees,
     love call to the females on the run;
then a would-be bride or two come close    
     to Romeo and Caruso rolled into one.

Cotton Stainer - quess what is the first dye, 
    but its saliva in the cotton boll;
ever wonder how designs of fabric are made,
    but stains in colors, hues and all.
Oriental cockroach - filthiest of all insects,
     yet catholic a cleaning habit it got;
of millions of germs it carries and spreads,
     it too, disposes more through its gut. 

Termites, how canny, deceitful;
     disguised as coy and shy;
yet could bring a house crushing
     down amidst fear and cry. 
Nature's executioner - preying mantis;
     killer by instinct, pious in look, 
yet friendly to gardens and farms,
     devouring pest in every nook.

Psylla lice - the scourge of ipil-ipil trees,
     epidemic to the imported varieties, 
wiping out plantations in the seventies,
     save the indigenous lowly species.  

A butterfly makes a garden   
    with sunrise in union,
plants to bloom to carry on
   the next generation.
Wasp pollinator - enigma of procreation
     of a fig by co-evolution;
by rule, one cannot live without the other 
     in Nature's strictest order.
Stinkbug, how divergent its life is
   with inviting coloration,
repugnant odor, to attract and repel,
   for freedom and admiration.

Tiger moth, remote mimicry 
     of a dreadful brute;
if threat is preserved this way
     what then is truth? 

Rhinoceros beetle, fierce looking male,
     all bluff in a dangerous world;
the female coy and naive her strategy,
     both stronger than the sword.

Leafhoppers - minute yet destructive  
     in countless number;
sipping the vitality of plants 

     turning them green to amber.   

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