Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Can fish understand human music?

"Our  worlds apart, sea and land
across a thin transparent sand." avr 
Dr Abe V Rotor
Author plays before a home aquarium of Oscar fish.  

I touch your senses with the violin
in a variety of tune and melody; 
I touch your world, and yours with mine,
together we make a fantasy.

I wonder what song you sing in water
if ever heard outside your realm;
The bleating lamb in Beethoven's ear,
thunder and the bubbling stream.

Do you  also sing a Brahms's lullaby
or San Pedro's Ugoy sa Duyan?
March with Mendelssohn's graduation, 
for real or just for the fun?  

My fish do not answer, they are dumb;
Or I can't hear and understand;
For worlds apart we are, sea and land
across a thin transparent sand. ~

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