Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Talking to a Hippo

"It's your greatest hour as survivor,

I'm your emissary, 
talk on behalf of your kind and others, 
against your enemy."

Dr Abe V Rotor
The common hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius), or hippo, is a large, mostly herbivorous, semi aquatic mammal native to sub-Saharan Africa, and one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae, the other being the pygmy hippopotamus (Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis). The name comes from the ancient Greek for "river horse." (Reference: Internet)
Photos taken by the author at Avilon Zoo, San Mateo, Rizal, January 3, 2018, 3rd birthday 
of Markus, author's grandson.
He is all alone in a wide, wide pond, 
     survivor of a herd;  
whatever happened to its long time kin
     hasn't really been heard. 

I asked Hippo junior, a name I coined;
     it hid under duck weeds
carpeting the pond green from any view,
     he was shy, naive indeed. 

I asked about hippos in Africa, 
     Asia and Australia,
its relations with other species
     under Class Mammalia. 

I was talking with books I had once read,

     a time long, long ago,
when man was not enemy of Nature,
     but that is history.

"It's your greatest hour as survivor,

     I'm your emissary, 
talk on behalf of your kind and others, 
     against your enemy."

Hippo Junior suddenly lurched  and jumped,

     words spewed out, thundered, 
in anger, hiss, nothing kind, 'cept moaning, 
     crying barely heard. 

"How long will he be alone here, warden?"

     my question unanswered,
I looked around, hills once a watershed,
     at sunset gleaming red. ~     

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