Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Art Lessons from Mackie, 5 - Colors and Composition

Art can be learned not only from the masters, but from budding artists as well.
Dr Abe V Rotor 

 A pony-fish with rainbow colors,
prancing and swimming; 
Green for the field, blue for the sea,
bright as the sun shining.
A pink unicorn, tame and lovely;
seven headbands make her a lady, 
from fantasy to virtual reality,
for a fine children's story. 

Where does composition begin?
It begins with inquiring look,
agape in surprise, frozen in place, 
to imagine a nearby spook. 

A pony-bee or butterfly pony
all dressed up for a party; 
wonder if she's princess or fairy;
it's a rich visual story.

A test of relationship, it seems:
one  winsthe other loses;
or, could it be master and pet,
or butterflies and roses? 

Twin hearts of two siblings, 
great love for one another;
not yet Cupid, save your shot;
let the child artist wonder
to  write a story of her painting,
for time to remember.  
                                                                  It's choreography 
of a Shakespearean play,
in far, far fairyland, 
brought by magic wand. 

.NOTE: The author is grandfather of the child artist, Mackie R Sta. Maria, 5 years old. Medium used: colored marker and pastel on drawing paper.

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