Wednesday, December 13, 2017

WHAT IS THAT? Third of a Seriest

Dr Abe V Rotor 
1. Night view 
2. Forest   
3. Camouflage 
4. Stained glass 
 5. Whale Fountain 
 6. Watchtower
  7. Mythology rock
  8. Rock sample  
 9. Cage-like shutters  
10. Blocks of different sizes and colors 

1. Night view over Manila from an airplane as it prepares to land. 
2. Treetops view from a cable car with glass floor.  
3. Tree lizard 
4. Fixed chandelier 
5. Optical illusion - Mickey Mouse riding of whale spout 
6.  Peter Pan on a tower clock
7.  Mythology of the Aztecs (ancient Mexican) in rock sculpture
8.  Close-up of granite rock with red fungus growth 
9.  Glass roof  louvers, Hong Kong International Airport
10. Abstract painting (Cubism)

NOTE: All photos taken by the author at Disneyland HK 2017

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