Tuesday, December 12, 2017

WHAT IS THAT? Second of a Series:

Dr Abe V Rotor

1. Pit trap on dry sand and loose soil.
2. Mound on meadow that grows, associated with fairy tale.

3. Either it seals off or becomes a hole for nesting bird. 

4. Fleshy flower rising from the ground - whatever
happened to the stem and leaves.
5. To a city bred, what crop is this?

6. Parasitic plant on agoho and pine, romanticized in a Christmas carol.

7. Living nest on a tree, houses a colony.

8. It's rock, all right, but it does not look one.

1. The ant lion larva lives at the bottom of the pit waiting for its prey, an ant.
2. Termite mound
3. Cut branch undergoing healing. Note cambium layer forming a thick ring around the wound.
4. Flower of pongapong,(Amorphophalus campanolatus)
5. Virginia tobacco, grown in the Ilocos Region
6. Mistletoe
7. Nest of gree tree ant (hantik)
8. Petrified tree skeleton

Living with Nature 3, AVR (All Rights Reserved)

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