Friday, December 29, 2017

Are you a candidate of the Quagmire Syndrome?

Goya's most intriguing painting - a lecture on humanity.
Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature School on Blog
Goya's Two Peasants Fighting, 1819-23 Oil on plaster transferred to canvas 48.5 x 105 in. Museo National del Prado, Madrid. They are so concerned with their quarrel that they do not appear  to realize that they are sinking into quicksand.  

When people in a community fail to establish by whatever reason a strong sense of cooperation and mutual trust; 

When the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer; more so when the rich are preying upon the poor; 

When measures of progress are based merely on Economics (GDP), and not on Human Development Index (HDI); 

When growing affluence and rising income, the key to the Good Life, does not bring in true happiness to the individual and society;

When people are drawn out of their natural communities in search of opportunities, leading to the growth of cities into megapolises; 

When tradition and change become estranged, holding on to each other's own schools and followers, creating divided cultures;

When differences among nations are brought to the ultimate solution which is war, rather of fully exploring peaceful means; 

When genders are no longer respected of their roles in procreation, in adhering to ethical and moral norms, and true sense of identity in society;

When forests continue to vanish, rivers run dry, air and water fouled, wasteland expands,  at the expense of progress - and bleak future of the next generations;   

When knowledge pushes its limits into breakthroughs of inventions and discoveries
both beneficial and destructive, and not knowing the difference;

When a person blindly believes in his or her own holiness as a means of reaching heaven after death, without due regard of the environment, of others particularly those who are less fortunate;

When families become divided by opportunities and circumstances, and fail to keep the family as the primordial social unit; 

When globalization continues to erase the boundaries of knowledge, faith, ideologies, culture, commence, and the like; 

When governance fails as it is likely exacerbated by fast increasing population and growing affluence, unheeded by conventions and summits; 

Then, we are for these matters mentioned, candidate victims of the Quagmire Syndrome. ~

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