Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A church mural of marine life - devotion to God through Nature.

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Composite wall mural of St. Benedict Parish Church, Don Antonio Heights, Commonwealth Ave., QC. 
Congratulations to the mural artist, the parish and community

Prayer before a church mural of marine life

Let us pray for the sea that in spite of its vastness, we realize that over exploitation will deplete its finite resources and disturb its delicate balance; 

Let us pray for the blue whale, the biggest creature ever to live on earth (bigger than the dinosaurs), and protect it together with its kin from extinction;      

Let us pray for the playful smiling dolphin, friendliest of sea creatures, shipwreck
hero, and should not exploit them for the purpose of entertainment;  

Let us pray and protect the plankton, the pasture of the sea, and all members of the food web, for no marine life can exist without them - so with us living on land; 

Let us pray for the integrity of currents and tides that keep favorable climates and dynamic balance of land and sea, and protect them from human abuse;    

Let us pray for the preservation of the coral reefs, the counterpart of the forests, abode and nursery of marine life, and prevent their destruction;   

Let us pray for the conservation of the ocean's rich diversity, from the minutiae to the giants of the deep, through proper governance and better understanding;

Let us pray for the youth to take keen interest in marine science, so that they will acquire a sense of commitment in the protection of the sea and its environs;  

Let us pray for the unity and harmony of the living world - sea, land and sky - and be instruments of such interrelationship on a sustainable basis and future; 

Let us pray for the whale and the dolphins et al, that through them, we will better understand of role as guardians of creation. ~

Ecological Paradigm of Good Moral Life  
Reverence for Life is the key to salvation

Dr Abe V Rotor 
At the end of the colonial era, master and subject joined hands to exploit the earth’s resources, armed with the tools of technology and management that ushered the era of industrialization.  

Our best economists are the worst housekeepers of Nature. While they aim for the Good Life, they have unwittingly reduced the very foundation of that good life – the productivity and beauty of Mother Earth.
Reverence for Life, painting in acrylic by the author.  
Ecological paradigm endorses an eco-centric approach where all forms of life and non-life are important to human life. Spirituality points out to a unitive force: the sacredness of everything. God’s divinity flows in everything. There is integration in the universe. And we are part of that integration, exceedingly small as we are, notwithstanding.

The kind of person we truly are is reflected by our relationship with Mother Earth, how we comply under her treaties. Clearly, biocide is the greatest sin man commits in this period. Long live, Ceres, the goddess of bounty in Greek mythology!  Albert Schweitzer and King Solomon must be smiling up there. So with St. Francis of Assissi, patron saint of ecology. “Reverence for life,” is the key to this paradigm.
The prolificacy of the human species sans war and pestilence, plus growing affluence of its societies led to a population explosion, doubling in less than 50 years. We are now 7.7 billion. 

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