Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween - celebration with the dead, ghosts and spirits

Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature School on Blog

   The evil spirit comes for a visit. 
Merging of the real and imaginary. 
Dialogue with the dead. 

Remember our dead beloved, the unsung, unknown;
     catch up with time for our failed expression,
prayers unsaid, love denied,  gesture unrequited -
     day of the souls to amend our infraction.    
Transported to the land of the dead. 
 Treat or threat.
   Whose party? Where have all the people gone?
            Masks or real faces?

   Faces, faces, young and old,
  fair and coy and bold;
masks, masks, masks we are told,
sans feeling and cold. 

The dead takes center stage. 

Come let's visit Dante's Inferno, and Milton's world,*
     call on Frankenstein,** his monstrous creation;
travel to Transylvania, track the undead Dracula;   
     join the dead, their ghosts in celebration. 

Good and evil for once their boundary open,
     so with that of heaven and hell we implore;
take the backseat apostasy, paganism alive!
     make haste, before Hades closes the door.   
- Dell H Grecia    

* Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, epic by John Milton
** Frankenstein, novel by Mary Shelley

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