Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wonder what the stream sings all day

Dr Abe V Rotor
Acrylic Painting and Verse by Dr. Abe V Rotor (32” x 48”) 2017

Wonder what the stream sings all day, season after season,
     from the mountains down to this peaceful realm;
down the valley among trees of my ancestral generation,
     reminiscent of Eden as it may seem.

Wonder the chirping of birds as they greet the morning sun,
     their nests come alive, usher a new life’s beginning;
crawlers from their abode stir, the winged up into the air;
     prayer not in words, but obedience to Nature’s calling.

Wonder if we too, find reverence in this world of green,
     rainbow above, crystalline stream below,
living pillars make a cathedral beyond glass and steel,
     epitome of worship the arts couldn't show.

Wonder how man was vanished from this beautiful home,
     in exchange of a postmodern creed;
hours of work and pleasure, searching for a meaning
     of life, amassing wealth beyond his need.

Wonder not what the stream sings all day, season after season;
     it is life well lived, a singular gift of a Giver;
here a bridge across yearns for the Prodigal Son to return
     to an Eden thought to have been lost forever.

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