Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wildlife Friendly

Dr Abe V Rotor

Author's wife Cecille and daughter Anna at Safari World, Bangkok, Thailand c. 2010

They come not just for food but company;
love birds by their name a great story;
would humans too, care more than need,
but need for care, love and dignity?    

Author's son Leo poses with a Philippine eagle and barn owl at Avilon Zoo, 
Montalban, Rizal c 2010

Owl and eagle in one abode, and in between, man;
Wonder if Nature made it this way in man's desire;
Whence banished, other creatures followed him,
If so, I believe man took Paradise in his exile.   

Anna with a baby orangutan at Safari World, Bangkok, Thailand c 2010

How many genes apart are we from the primates?
Ask Crick and Watson the pioneers of the DNA;
Edward Wilson in this theory of socio-biology,
Didn't Aesop favor the lowly over his risen brother?
Genes after all unite the whole world together.  

Author and daughter Anna with a giraffe at Safari World, Bangkok, Thailand

Giraffe - what a queer name, queerer are your looks;
though looking dumb, children say you're cute;
you rule the savannah by your towering height, 
save your voice, for you're completely mute. 

Anna by a baby elephant at Safari World, Bangkok, Thailand

You're a baby even if I can't carry you like a doll?
If you are big now, how big will you be?
Remain a baby then while your mother is in the wild
to us humans you're a cute little baby. 

Author's son Marlo with a bato-bato (wild pegion), Tikob Lake, Quezon C.1990

You can not be free if man is your master,
even if he feeds you and shelters you, 
for you belong to a a flock and the sky.
Be a friend then to a young heart,
fill it with joy and link 
your world with his own.

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