Friday, July 14, 2017

Whose giant hands are these?

"Hands that carry a wounded comrade to safety in the battlefield; hands that feed the hungry and heal the sick in the refugee camp."

Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature School on Blog 

Artist gives final touch on  a pair of giant hands. University of Santo Tomas Manila

Cruel hands of Grendel Beowulf' tore off;
Hands Rodin omitted in Balzac's statue;
Hand pressed on the breast before the flag;
Hands clasped in gesture of friendship;
Raised hand while swearing the truth;

Clenched hands of protest and hatred;

Pious hands moving in the sign of the cross;
Waving hands of welcome or goodbye;
Hands over ones shoulder in compassion;
Hand to feel a baby's bath is just right;

Toiling hands feed the family and nation; 

Pen in the hand, mightier than the sword;
Graceful hands of a dancer on stage;
Hands write signs for the deaf to read;
Hand on the braille to read and write.

Chalk in hand writing on the blackboard;

Hand with pistol to keep peace and order;
Joined hands pledge for unity and cooperation;
Hands of Thomas feel the wound scars of Christ;
Hands clasped on way to final destination.  ~  

Lesson: Add to this list more applications.  You may find this article useful in school and in workshops.  

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