Saturday, June 17, 2017

Integrated Art Workshop for Children

Conducted by Dr A V Rotor at the  
Rotor Family Residence, Poblacion, San Vicente, Ilocos Sur
Workshop Overview
1. Workshop sessions: every Sunday (3 to 5 pm) from Jan 22 to Mar 5, 2017.

2. Participants: schoolchildren, boys and girls, 8 to 13 yrs old, from SVIS, other schools.

3. Graduates: 16 completed 5 sessions (10 hours, including makeup sessions). 
 First Batch graduates with guest Vice-Mayor Ma Nancy Dy Tabanda (middle row, 4th from right)
4. Other participants: to complete required sessions and output, for second batch.

5. Teaching Method: lecture, hands-on and on-the-spot, Dr Abe V Rotor as instructor.

6. Syllabus: based on Multiple Intelligence (8 realms), Rizal et al, as models.

7. Integrated art: principally drawing and painting, introductory music and literary art.

8. Critiquing: selected works on exhibit, others returned to owners, or on file. 

9. Management: art tools and materials, and snacks provided by organizer for free.
10. Decorum: classroom and laboratory discipline, values oriented.
 Workshop participants work before a wall mural painte3d by the author.
11. Foundation: back to basic, talent search, skills development, application.

12. Respite or break from boredom, anxiety, cartoons, rock music, TV, computer games.   
13. Creativity: based on the saying, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” 
 On-the-spot painting session
14. Freedom: self expression, self confidence, freedom and independence.

15. Learning alternative, and bridge with school, church, community – and home.

You may take pride in having a state-of-the-art smart-phone, but not more than a painting you yourself made. A gadget can’t be part of you, but a piece of art you made – painting, melody, story, verse - is your own. It is part of you. It is a prize you give yourself and no one else can take it away. It is a lifetime achievement; in fact it is your legacy. Kids learn early in life the struggle for excellence, not only in the classroom, social media, or on the street, but in themselves. The greatest struggle is with oneself – it is the biggest triumph, but it can be the biggest failure, too. Yet there is always the opportunity to conquer that opponent. This is the road to excellence. Each day you become a better person, ad infinitum. ~

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