Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Will you draw me a ship?

Dr Abe V Rotor

 Ma Victoria M Primicias, 8; awardee, 1994 NFA Art Workshop

Please draw me a ship.
Will you draw me a ship?
I am busy.
Will you draw me a ship?
I cannot draw.

Do you like Captain Hook?
He was a pirate.
The Galleon?
That's history.
That's for the Bible.

So she drew and drew and drew.
Here is a ship.
You can see the outside and the inside.
It is not Captain Hook's,
The Galleon, 
Or Noah's

I looked at her three-ships-in-one,
And into the soul of this child.
I have been a grown-up too long.

Will you draw me a ship? ~

In contrast this is a painting by a grownup, no other than the teacher, 

Lighthouse Ruins and Shipwreck in acrylic by AVRotor ca. 1965 

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