Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bleeding Heart of the Forest

"Oh, the bleeding drops of red
where once a forest stood,
barren, cold and dead..."

Dr Abe V Rotor
Bleeding Heart of the Forest, acrylic painting, 11"x14" (16"x19" double frame
wood natural finish), by AVRotor, 2015 

It is I, Homo sapiens, the thinking man 
 who changed the concept of creation,
 Nature to serve man, 
master and guardian. 

It is I, Homo faber, the maker,
wilderness to tame, resources to harness,
untouched these are,
they go to waste.  

It is I, Homo ludens, the playing man,
forest to hunt, mountain to climb,
work and leisure to me
keep my sanity.

It is I, Homo spiritus, the praying man,

mysteries I submit, mistakes I atone,
I, too, have a heart that bleeds,
the essence of being human. ~

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