Saturday, April 29, 2017

In our search of Utopia, we get lost on the way. Can we turn back?

In our postmodern living we are moving away from the natural world which guaranteed our success in evolution as a species. Then, rationality brought us out of the biblical Paradise in search of Utopia. We have been travelers searching for this ultimate destination.
Dr Abe V Rotor 
Utopia, and its antithesis dystopia, as imagined by children in these drawings. Utopia comes in different versions from Plato's Republic to Thomas Moore's semblance of socialist state. The continuing search of a perfect society may be the most primitive aspiration of mankind, more so in postmodern times despite breakthroughs in science and technology, and convenient access to social media, utopia remains elusive as ever. (Acknowledgement: Internet photos)

In the process many of us entered into different worlds, willfully or by circumstance. Many found their dreams, others failed. Others succeeded but for a cost they paid so dearly. Others simply got lost on the way.

I can imagine the world of the lost - professionals and students, ordinary people notwithstanding. It is a world where
  • Thoughts refuse to close down, even only for respite.
  • Energy drains the whole being, even before starting to work.
  • Sleep never comes on time and is never enough.
  • Relationships are strained, if not alienated.
  • Family bond is breaking up.
  • Self worth and respect are falling to a point of depression, or suicide.
Civilized man is such a whirl, accumulating material things, that he neglects those most treasured possessions in life, such as love and affection, friendship, happiness, and good health.  
                                                                     -  M H Soglow, Relax Your Way to Health
A friend of mine sought for help. I couldn't recognize him at first. How he has changed!

Gone were his wit and humor, amiable nature, gait and stride, clean face and clothes. And yet he is very intelligent. He graduated with honors from high school and college.

What went wrong to a very intelligent guy? Isn't intelligence the primordial tool for survival and success?

It is generally the impression. And it is true.

But psychologists found out that the more intelligent a person is, the greater uphill climb he has to do in adjusting to stresses and strains of modern living. He seldom settles on mediocrity; he aims for excellence. Contentment to him is far and wide. Therefore his overactive brain never stops, it knows no limit, and has no vision of dead end. His brain is very sensitive to impressions, good and bad, ordinary people would simply dismiss.

He lives in parallel worlds: childhood, career, family, wealth, fame - all mixed up.

It is also high intelligence that leads the lost traveler back home. And my friend did, after obligingly heeding to the advice of his doctor - and friends.

The secret? Relaxation. It is a discipline, a regimen, to
  • switch off your thoughts to release stress before it builds up.
  • conserve energy, budget it well
  • sleep well to obtain full rest.
  • mend relationships, build friendship
  • bond closely with your family.
  • discover your potentials to enhance self worth and respect.
My friend has finally found back the road to Utopia.

Utopia after all is a Happy Valley called Peace of Mind. ~

NOTE: See your doctor if you are invariably suffering of these symptoms. Get closer to your family and friends. Above all, take things moderately. Drop your extra load, release your grip. Travel light on the road to Utopia. 

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