Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Poster Making Contest Winners “Ating Pahalagahan, Sariling Likas na Yaman”

"Ating Pahalagahan, Sariling Likas na Yaman”
Lagro Elementary School, March 27, 2017
Ist Prize
“It’s a green world, a huge tree perched atop,
Symbolizing hope, strength  and stability;
Three in their youth on the guard beaming,  
Guardians of Nature’s bounty and beauty.”  avr
2nd Prize
“Whose hands these are, none other but Thee,
   Protector of the universe and man to be free.”   
3rd Prize
“What science and technology can do to humanity;
Two faces – good and bad – in dichotomy,
We would rather live in simplicity,
Once a choice and now duty.”  avr

 Other entries have significant messages as well, which can be summarized by the theme of the contest.
“Give me the sky and I'll keep it clean -
     the river, the lake and stream;
Give me the sky and I'll fly the biggest kite
     to lead a child to his dream
. “ avr

"Rainbow - likened to the cycle of life - its birth and death, glory and fall, its simplicity grandeur, its independence and attachment to all things, visible and invisible.” avr
 Sponsored by Miriam College
College of Business, Entrepreneurship and Accountancy
Conducted by students in BS Leisure and Tourism Management headed by Dr Ruby Alminar-Mutya, chairperson, and Miss Nikoliena Diño, ptrofessor-in- charge.  Dr Abercio V Rotor representing Lawin (Lagro Association of Writers and Artists Inc) served as one of the judges in the contest. Verses by Dr Abe V Rotor

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