Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dragonfly Resting on a Wall Mural (Lagro Gazette Jan-Mar 2017)

Dr Abe V Rotor

Wall mural on Nature by AVRotor at his residence
 San Vicente, Ilocos Sur 2017

A dragonfly came and alighted on my painting
seemingly lonely and needing rest;
 The morning sun on its wings a prism of colors;
  thank you, I said, tired but refreshed.

A famous artist in Ancient Greece once painted still life
of fruits so precise the birds came and pecked on them
to the audience's awe and praise, “He who can deceive
Nature is truly master of the arts of unequalled fame.” 

A simple man, his entry wrapped and bound by string,
was about to withdraw, but the proud painter, aghast 
took from him the canvas, pulled the string to open it,
 and tried again. The string is the painting itself! Alas!
The Rotors (Cecille, Gabby, Veny) pose before the mural at the author's residence in San Vicente, Ilocos Sur. 

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