Saturday, February 25, 2017

Book Manuscripts of Dr AV Rotor

These book manuscripts have been derived and orgnized from my website which comprises three blogs Living with Nature, Naturalism the Eighth Sense, and A Naturalist's World. 

Although the theme is Nature, the topics are varied and based on multiple intelligence, sciences and the humanities, and other fields of human interest. I invite you to open my website and enjoy reading more than four thousand articles and lessons.- AV Rotor.

Ilocano versions of a lot of articles contained in these manuscripts have been published in Bannawag, a weekly Manila Bulletin magazine, under the column of the author, Okeyka, Apong, thanks to Mr Ariel S Tabag whose patience and dedication over the years have made the column accessible to Ilocano speaking readers here and abroad.  Annual volumes of the articles since 2006, are now being organized into manuscripts.



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