Saturday, January 21, 2017

Confluence of Nature in Mural and Poetry

Paintings and Verses by Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog

Lesson: Convert those empty walls, dead end corridors, hanging spaces, blank concrete fences, into Nature mural. Bring Nature inside your home. Instead of facing a blank wall, you will enjoy watching a waterfall. Stair case among rocks is a good idea. Pavements appear wet as a stream flows by. This is of course in the imagination. A rock breaks monotony of space, it creates a hidden view. Trees give a feeling of strength and height, and make you imagine of many creatures living there. Make the cloud a curtain, which opens in part to reveal flying birds, a rainbow, peeping sun, a stairway to the "Lost Horizon."

Make mural painting a family affair. Write a story or poem about your mural. Call the author for assistance. Or get in touch on

Confluence of Nature mural in acrylic on canvas, 9ft x 8 ft

Confluence of nature, unity in diversity,
where sky meets land, river flows to sea,
where time and space, matter and energy
are in union and joyful harmony,
omnipotence of no other but Thee.

Nymphaea wakes up in red, pink and white,
to the rising sun in glory and ease,
but ephemeral these flowers are at sunset
sinking into the night in peace.

Hurry up the bees, the flowers cannot wait,
hurry up the lovers to the morning chime,
the lonely, the old, the sick, the meek;
beauty to behold in the nick of time.

Mirage - vision beyond any sense,
not to the eye or the range of a lens;
the sun peeps under a cloak of green,
something stirs seen and unseen.

Do fish ever sleep?
I wonder like I wonder
if sheep ever sleep
on some grassy hill,
and the gentle fish
in a peaceful cove.

But where is that
peaceful cove
and that grassy hill?

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