Monday, December 19, 2016

Paintings by AV Rotor: Transition, Golden Heart, Forest on Fire :


On the road of change:
     the passing of time
     and seasons,
     and the cycle of life;

Everything changes:
     key to diversity,
     and the essence of beauty   

Golden Heart

Leaves, like the heart,
     turn gold before they fall;
From youth mellow down
     to nature's call
Like candle, brightest it glows
     before dawn. 

 Forest on Fire
Painting on acrylic (15" x 19")

When El Niño strikes every seven or ten years;
When loggers destroy and abandon the place;
When kaingeros clear the forest for cash crops;
When careless campers lave their campfires;
When defoliants flush out enemies from their hideouts;
When lightning strikes in the middle of summer;
When squatters build homes clandestinely in the forest;
When the forest is but secondary growth to an original cover;
When a meteor explodes as in the Siberian phenomenon;    
When the forest has been disturbed of its ecological balance. 

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