Saturday, December 17, 2016

A HEART ON THE WALL and Other Recent Paintings and Poems of Dr Abe V Rotor

A Heart on the Wall
Painting in acrylic (16.5" x 18")

O, heart on the wall
     do you still feel?
Do you still throb -
     the throb of love?
Ivy, ivy on the wall,
     don't hide 
     a living heart.

Painting in acrylic (18" x 21")    

Sway with the breeze,
     dance with the wind;
 Greet the sun with dewdrops
In summer turn golden, 
     and bow,
And die sweetly to feed 
     the world. 

 Painting in acrylic (17.5" x 24")

Rage, rage against the sky, 
     clouds and rainbow gone;
Birds no longer fly
     against the scorching sun.
Rage, rage against the land,
     rivers and lakes dry;
Wildlife shrunk or gone,
     fields howl and cry.

Rage, rage against man,
     cold as steel, wasteful;
Though God-like in many ways,
     still he is a fool. ~


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