Saturday, November 26, 2016

Revolutionizing the Burger

Dr Abe V Rotor and Anna Christina R Sta Maria
Rice burger with patty filler and a peel of lettuce  
Lavish triple serving of the same make but different side dishes 
Traditional burgers from single- to triple-decker, extravagantly stuffed 
Big bite - but how? Obese-setting serving, likewise an oversize mug. 
Hybrid breakfast or big snack. Perhaps brunch (breakfast-lunch)

Burgers the culprit of today's pandemic,
more stuff than one really needs;
protein overdose, so with calorie and fat,
lavish beyond obesity heeds.

While the world's half is in dire of food,
too much has the other half;
little of the bread, much less of the meat, 
wouldn't a burger be cut in half?  ~

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