Saturday, November 26, 2016

Humanities: Dolls don't die, they grow up instead.

Dr Abe V Rotor
Photos by Marlo R Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog

Lesson: Remembering good old days with dolls, puppets, and mascots. They refresh us as we grow up.

When was the last time you had an ear-to-ear smile?
And a heart-to-heart talk?

There are two ways to grow - up or fat. Thanks heaven, I didn't.

Remembering kinder days. And The Sound of Music.

Please don't call me, madam, or sir. I'm transform.

Pigs go to heaven, too. And cars can grow angry.
Well, it's all in the mind.

Ants are lovable creatures, just don't hurt them.
Remember King Solomon who halted his army to
let the ants pass.

You're the Lonely Goatherd, I suppose.
Or the Red Riding wolf?

Cock or owl? It depends if you are a day or night person. 
It could be Ibon Adarma revived.

So you think you can dance. When was the last time you tried ballet or break?

Work while you play, and play while you work. That's house chore rule No 1.

Don't grow up, Little Man. I still want to play.

Dolls simply don't die, they just outgrow us up

Living with Nature, AVR. Acknowledgment: SMX Mall of Asia

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