Thursday, October 6, 2016

Prayer for Teachers as Good Shepherds

In observance of Teachers' Day October 5, and October as Teachers' Month
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Lesson: On many occasions Christ found nature as the perfect setting of his prayers, sermons and parables. Among them are The Sower, Sermon on the Mount, Mustard Seed, Prodigal Son, and The Good Shepherd. The Sea of Galilee, River Jordan, Plain of Judea, Garden of Gethsemane (oasis) were part of his wanderings to reach out for the faithful. 

(Painting: Sermon on the Mount)

We are teachers in our own rights - as parents, community leaders, elders, scholars, etc.

Father Almighty, teach us to become good teachers in the way of the Good Shepherd

Father Almighty, source of light, of life and everything in this world, as we observe Teachers' Day, we beg you to be with us, to be our “unseen Guest.” Light our way; touch our heart as we touch the hearts of others, especially the young ones, the youth, whom You have placed under our care. Bless us with joy and enthusiasm, with zeal and obedience, with understanding and compassion as we take their hands and walk with them to make this world a better place to live in.

Teach us then to become good teachers and educators in the way of the Good Shepherd.

- Make us unifying element that we may live peacefully in one community;

- Make us catalysts of change, and an anchor of undefined destiny as well;

- Make us conveyors of knowledge, skill and values rolled into a holistic well-being;

- Make us healers by bringing enlightenment to human misery;

- Make us agents of rational thoughts and decisions;

- Make us sentries that we may fend off evil intentions that undermine true education;

- Make us custodians of tradition amid modernism;

- Make us guardians in the way of the Parable of the Sower, and the Prodigal Son;

- Make us the Good Samaritan, as well.

You have chosen us teachers to be the intellect and heart of the academe - because You want us to examine education in the way we examine our calling.

- to reach out for one another;
- to listen;
- to care;
- to comfort;
- to encourage one another when we fail;
- to pray for one another when we falter;
- to be strong together;
- to share the joy of teaching; and
- to convey the Sermon on the Mount

With you, Father Almighty, we can do many things; without you, we can do nothing. We ask You these through your Son Jesus Christ, who reigns forever and ever. Amen

(In observance of Teachers' Day October 5, and Good Shepherd May 1)

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