Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Catch fleeting moments and rare subjects with the camera

Capture some "sparks of genius" with today's camera.

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Acacia being strangled by a balete tree

"Time moves on, save an acacia in the grip of death."
 Flower of Dragon fruit

"Immaculate white after the darkest hour to herald the dawn." 

Mingling with saints and angels. Manaoag, Pangasinan
"Heaven on earth is when children, saints and angels 
are but one."

 Author listening to the sea. 

"I hear the Pacific and the Atlantic, like seeing them both atop the isthmus of Panama."  

 A pair of  cotton stainers
"You don't live up to your majesty - you spoil the purity of your victim."    

Plant lice, Psylla 
"Monsters are not about their enormous size, but their minuteness and seeming innocence." 

Butterfly garden guest

"Friendly but not to all - there's more than being friend."
Parakeets asking for food. Bangkok 

"If I have nothing to offer, would you come to me
 just the same?" 
Ghostly shade of Talisay Tree. QC

"Lo! The tree is waking up."  
Twin bunches of banana, a freak

"One in a thousand mutants with twin fruits and hearts." 

Higad moth - adult of the spiny caterpillar 

"Sad and scary this potential prey in perfect mimicry." 

Double vision of hitchhikers 

"Accidents do happen in make-believe illusions."  

Limestone formation or fossil?

"I would rather believe in both, fossil in limestone."

Bath tub into helmet   

"Bath tub and helmet, baby and nanny, too"

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