Friday, September 16, 2016

Rock Pool – Child of the Sea

Dr Abe V Rotor

                                        Rock Pool by the Sea I, in acrylic by the author 

How can the sea, so deep and vast leave behind an offspring
       between two worlds? 
Wonder if Nature is kind, abiding to the laws and values 
       of Man as her guardian.
If there was any mistake in God's creation after His rest
       on the seventh day.
If perfection is but a long time goal beyond man's time
       and imagination. 
                                       Rock Pool by the Sea II, in acrylic by the author

Wonder if creation is a long and painful process called evolution
        in the book of sages;
And change is a continuing process on a crossroad of possibilities,
       chartless and endless;  
Yet in every second or in man's life time, creation goes on and on 
       beyond his understanding;
And soon the rock pool becomes a sea in itself, a miniature copy
       of its magnificence.  ~   

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