Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Global Warming as Seen in a Crystal Ball

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Global Warming in a Crystal Ball, acrylic painting by the author (circa 2000)

I see the world losing its symmetry, a disfigured globe with parts missing, displaced, losing its original shape; 

I see the world in layers and divisions heretofore unknown, threatening dynamic stability called homeostasis; 

I see the world fiery in many parts as volcanoes erupt in greater frequency and intensity, and simultaneously;   

I see the world in deceiving colors of blue, green, gray, yellow, spectrum of disaster on land, water and air; 

I see the world barren as deserts expand, farmlands turn into wastelands, shorelines swallowed by the sea;   

I see the world scarred by fault lines and new cracks of the earth’s crust, triggering more and stronger earthquakes; 

I see the world in ruins where cities once grew into megacities, now virtually a jungle of concrete and steel;

I see the world pitch dark at night where once there were more lights on the ground than stars in the sky;

I see the world decimated of its once rich biodiversity, countless species endangered, others forever gone;

I see the world “the glory that was Greece, the grandeur that was Rome,” with history repeating itself; 

I see the world with the frivolities of modern living giving way to the revival of a simpler life style;

I see the world rebuilding from its past like the mythical bird Phoenix, people of all ages and walks of life cooperating. ~

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