Sunday, June 12, 2016

Food, Food Everywhere - and not an hour to miss

Don't trust your senses with all the food around you and on media. Moderation is the rule. Even Epicurean disciples find true satisfaction not in wanton indulgence but moderation in everything.
 Dr Abe V Rotor
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Pinapaitan nga kalding (Ilk). Goat meat with chyme.
Kilawin (medium rare) goat meat, and pinapaitan.

Rice cake topped with crunchy bacon and fresh leak onion
A bowlful of mango-lettuce salad with rich dressing. Pork with asparagus

Chicken teriyaki with sesame or linga seeds.
Tempting to eat with fingers and while while freshly broiled. 

Spicy caliente (ox hide)

Sinigang na samaral (malaga, Ilk)
Grilled pork with hot green pepper

Chicken inasal on banana plate; ukoy - fish and egg.
 Other ukoy recipe: squash and shrimps ukoy 

Arusip or ar-arusip (Ilk), green seaweed, served fresh with tomato, onion and a dash of salt. Sinkamas or yam, served with Ilocos Vinegar and salt
Tupig, rice cake with coconut, in banana leaves, cooked on charcoal, Patupat or sinambong, rice cake in woven coconut leaves cooked in boiling sugarcane juice
Brewed coffee, fried egg and bun

Our personality is reflected by the food we eat. Write an essay about this subject for your school.
Living with Nature, AVR

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