Monday, February 15, 2016

A poor boy begs for a seat in school

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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A reproduction of an untitled painting by an unknown artist

A disturbing scene to Maslow -could he have been wrong?
What is self-actualization to the striving throng?
What's good is the Bastille trilogy - pillars of modern society:
Equality, fraternity, liberty without dignity?

Motherhood words may come easy;
they cannot be mistaken,
for the lips that speak of promise are easily forgotten.
And the world goes on as it may seem;

A beggar boy, its conscience:
Lost youth, lost hope, lost future in the midst of affluence.
The door is jarred to full view and knocking wouldn't lend an ear;
Indifference makes man blind or takes him to the rear.
He who feels for the needy with but some coins is a fool;
in a world deaf to a poor boy begging for a seat in school. ~

NOTE: A student of mine from Iran at the UST Graduate School gave this reproduction as a souvenir. The painting was made by an unknown artist, apparently belonging to the post classicism at the dawn of realism. 

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