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"Pansit-pansitan", weeping willow, and "takip kuhol"

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"Pansit-pansitan" (Piperomia pellucida) relieves arthritis, and lowers uric acid. But as a general rule cnsult your family doctor.

Pansit-pansitan or olasiman-inhalas (linlinna-aw Ilk). It is a succulent weed growing in moist and shady places. Pellucidus means waxy or translucent which is characteristic of this common annual plant. I can vouch for the effectiveness of this herbal remedy. This is how it is used.

• Gather the fresh plants from around the house, usually among potted plants. Leave the main stem and roots to grow new shoots for the next harvest.

• Wash the stems and leaves with running water. You may remove the elongated floral part which bears plenty of tiny black seeds.

• Boil two cups of water for three minutes. Three to four stems make a decoction. Allow it to cool.

• You may add honey or sugar while decoction is still hot.

• Add hot water for a second or third serving. It may be taken liberally at anytime or until ailment subsides.

• There are other ways pansit-pansitan is prepared. In Vietnam’s Ho ChiMinh public market it is sold in bundles as salad vegetable. It reaches a length up to two feet.

It is usually served fresh or blanched. I found out that pansit-pansitan can be taken with coffee by simply adding to it while it is very hot. Or simply dip into a cup of to piping hot water, and allow it to cool. Pandan mabango (Pandanus odoratissimus) may be added to flavor the drink. Patients may find relief in a day or two. If there is any allergic reaction such as diarrhea or palpitation, discontinue the treatment and see your doctor.

Weeping willow is a natural pest repellant. It drives mosquitoes and flies around. You save on expensive and dangerous pesticides by having a tree in the yard. Its leaves exude fresh and pleasant smell in the surroundings. The leaves when crushed is best for aromatherapy. It exudes fresh menthol. Burn some dried leaves to drive out vermin like mosquitoes and cockroaches. Try some crushed leaves as deodorant in the bathroom and bedroom.

Herbal Medicine - Gotu Kola or Takip Kuhol (Centella asiatica)

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