Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A wall mural on Nature comes alive with children

Mural and Quotations by Dr Abe V Rotor
"To a baby Nature is a beautiful world,
as pristine as he is innocent and pure."

"To the very young, 
Nature is a bud in spring 
that grows into a crown, 
and flower to bejewels it." 

"The age of make believe,
 is incongruous as it may appear,
with curiosity riding fantacy."

"Boys in a row all eager to discover the world
give them not the computer, but a boat to row"


 "Adolescents at the boundary of childhood and  the real world -
one fashioned by man, the other, by Nature alone." 

 "Closest to the heart is the will, 
will the prime mover of action -
action in pursuit of dream."

   "Girth is the measure of age of a tree, 
growing to the fullest 
with the least intervention of man
 - or none at all."

"Wonder the child, wonder the hornbill;
who have not really seen each other before."

"Living with nature by a wall mural builds memories -   
memories into archives if we fail to preserve nature."   

"However perfect an image is, it is but a piece of art;
 life has no replica in man's hand."

"A moment of rest by a stream on a grass under the trees,
recharges a tired soul like a whole night's sleep." 

"From a cave opens a world of our ancestors;
beyond, their dreams - and the future of mankind."

"Imagination is more powerful than reason, 
for it has wings that split light not into black and white, 
but into the beautiful colors of the rainbow." 

"Love is primal, love is sweet;
and sweeter still wiith nature."

"There is no generation or diversity gap in nature; 
nature is one roof under which organisms - 
including man -  are knitted by their own life cycles
that form a dynamic order and network."~

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