Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Verses in Ilokano: Berso ni Bersio

"Dumanon langit ti maikatlo nga takyag 
ni Apo Baket."

A helping hand to an elderly reaches heaven.
figuratively speaking.

Dr Abercio (Bersio) V Rotor
Columnist, Okeyka Apong: Dagiti Tawid a Sirib ken Adal (Heritage of Wisdom and Lessons), Bannawag Magazine (weekly magazine in Ilocano, published  by Manila Bulletin)  

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1. Nangisngisit nasamsam-it -

The darker it is, the sweeter. Duhat

2. Bislat: pagbaut, pagsurat
Ken sarukud.

Cane is for whipping, writing, and walking

3. Adda mata dagiti kaykayo,
No rumabii.

The trees have eyes at night.

4. Agkakabsat, aggugubat.
Ay, daksanggasat!

Brothers fighting each other in war,
what a tragedy! 

5. Sabong nagukrad, alimbubuyog,

 An open flower attract a
bee. (photo) 

6. Alipupus dua, maysa’t muging,
Nasukir isuna.

He who has two hair pools with one 

on the forehead is stubborn 

7. Perlas ken lua pangar-arigan

Pearls and tears are symbols of friendship.

8. Pan-nangan’ awan agsaramsam,
Ti nagbaetan.

Don't eat between meals.

9. Dumanon langit maikatlo nga takyag 
Ni Apo Baket.

A helping hand to an elderly reaches heaven,
figuratively, speaking.

10. Agar-arasaas diay dadapilan,
Bubud diay burnay.

The sugarcane crusher whispers, 

so with the brew (must) in the earthen jar.

11. Agparparintomeng, awan maka-asideg.

This kneeling creature dares anyone to get near. 
(preying mantis) - photo

12. Agbilangka't sangagasot ken maysa
No agduaduaka.

Count one-hundred-and-one if you are in doubt.

13. Itudom amin ida, no awan basolmo
ken nadaluska.

Point the blame at all 
others, if you are sinless 
and pure. It is analogous to "He who has no sin casts the first stone." (Statement of Christ before
a mob about to stone a sinner to death.)

14. Gura ken ayat, bumtak wenno umpes,
Kasla ulep.

Hate and love, like cloud, breaks and disappears.

15. Umisemkan tapno maturogen
Iti bulan.

Smile so that the moon goes to sleep.

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