Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Senator Butz Aquino - Boss and Friend

Dr Abe V Rotor (Article in progress)
Consultant (1989-1993), Committee on Food abd Agriculture
Senator Butz Aquino, chairman
Senate of the Philippines

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 Author with Senator Butz


Outstanding accomplishments as senatormay be gleamed from the bills he sponsored and co-sponsored, namely:
  • Cooperative Law of the Philippines
  • Magna Carta for Filipino Farmers
  • Seed Industry Law of the Philippines
  • Law Banning Muro-ami Fishing  
  • Law Establsishing Carabao Research and Training Centers ()Co-sponsor with then Senator Erap Estrada)
Travels with Senator Butz
  • Nagpandayan, Nueva Ecija (Cooperative)
  • Tagudin, Ilocos Sur (Cooperative)
  • Santiago, Isabela (Farmers Forum)
  • Samboan, Cebu (Ban on Muro-ami fishing)
  • Vigan, Ilocos Sur (Guest speaker) 
  • Concepcion, Tarlac (Butz hometown)  
  • Helping a helpless motorist
  • Butz double in a town's restaurant  
  • Endless requests into the night
  • Defending the NFA
  • Visit to Israel 
  • Representing Butz in a farmers' forum in Cotabato City
  • Outdoor dinner  
  • 13 in a Helicopter at night  (Siquijor to Cebu)
  • Forced landing on a helicopter at Santa Fe Pass in Nueva Vizcaya  
  • Kamaro (fried mole cricket), anyone? 
  • Butz and Young Marlo (author's son) on a ranch in Batangas
  • Driving at racetrack speed 
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