Saturday, June 20, 2015

25 Homes and Nests of Different Organisms

Lesson in Biology: Describe each of these abodes of organisms, and present it as a research or a special project in class. 
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Orb spider

Ensconsed porcupine in a hollow log

Spent finch nest

Earthworm castings

Burrow of mole cricket (Gryllotalpha africana), right

Termite mound and comb (Macrotermes gilvus)

Nest of a colony of fire ant (Solenopsis geminata)

Pit of antlion
Paper Wasp or Putakti 
 Sea Turtle
Clown Fish and Sea Anemone 
 Tree Rat
 Wild Honeybees
Bird's Nest in a City  
Parrot Fish on Coral Reef
 Egg Froth of Frog 

  Green Tree Ants Nest 
Drynaria fern on Acacia 

 Colony of mushrrom on dead wood

Furniture Beetle Larva and Adult

Colony of Moss on Rock
 Cockroaches on Garbage
 Crustaceans and Coelenterates live at the base 
of coconut trees on the seashore

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