Saturday, May 2, 2015

Snail etching a wall mural - harmony of human and nature art

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Giant African Snail (Achatina fulica) scraping a wall mural in QC

In Ancient Greece there were two artists regarded to be the best painters all over the Greece in its golden period.  But who was the better of the two? 

To resolve the issue a public contest was held.

The first painter painted fruits, so real and sweet looking that birds came and tried to pick the fruits.  

The spectators exclained, "Who can beat a painter who can decieve the birds?"

It was the turn of the seond painter. Tucked under his arm was a wrapped thing apparently, also a canvas.  He stood on the stage silent for some time, until the first painter became impatiernt.  "Why don't you show your work?" and started pulling the string to unwrap the object.

But he found out that the string is the painting itself. 

The spectators exclaimed, "Who can beat a painter who can deceive another painter?

 When I saw a mural being scraped by a snail, I said, "Who can beat a painter whose work invites a snail to work jointly with his art?" 

Indeed I found the wall mural more beautiful and natural.  It links man's art with that of nature into a universal harmony.~

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