Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Haunting Tree

Dr Abe V Rotor
Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid with Ms Melly C Tenorio

738 DZRB AM Band, 8-9 evening class, Monday to Friday  
Dead Camphor Tree, UST Manila

The Haunting Tree

I am dead.

Won't you stop as you did when I was alive?
Where is the gentle wind? Rainbow's showers?
he birds perched singing in my arms,
ees and butterflies kissing my flowers?Where are the dewdrops that bejeweled my crown,

Diamonds glistening in the morning sun?
Children, many of them, coming after school

To play in joy and laughter under my gown?

I am dead.Won't you pay me a visit in my mournful state?
Where's the good doctor who cares for the sick,
Who made drugs from my sap, leaves and bark,
Men who made riches from the meek?

Love and care, yes, I gave these openly
To any crawler, flier or hopper,
Tenant, transient, creatures all - and men,
Who profess love for one another.

I am dead.Welcome to my grave, the lost and homeless,
Saplings and fern now touched by the sun;
The vagabond
 and strangers in exile,
Those waylaid on the holy path of man. ~

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