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How's my grooming? A self examination

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Quite often on the road I read from the rear of a bus or van, “How’s my grooming?” printed bold and clear. Below it is written a telephone number or two you can call. It is a discreet message. If the driver of the vehicle you are following is reckless, you may call the attention of the owner of the vehicle or the government regulatory office.

Corollarily one may ask the same question, “How’s my grooming?” Here is a set of questions to find it out. (True or False)

1. We are judged the way we talked as much as they way we look.

2. It’s all right to cause embarrassment on another as long as it is not your real intention.

3. Pronounce words properly, use correct grammar, follow correct logic and syntax, and refrain from mumbling.

4. It’s all right to be talking about yourself after you have done a great job.

5. It’s all right to ask personal questions from a friend even without first asking permission.

6. There are times you have to ask “intrusive” questions as host of a program to add spice or give more light.

7. It is old fashion to say Please and Thank you. Smile is enough these days.

8. One can be clean and yet untidy, and vice versa. 

9. In fashion and cosmetics, “Excess can be a mess.”

10. Good teeth and fresh breath always go together.

11. Keep your mouth closed when chewing. Take small bites. Eat quickly.

12. Say excuse me when you have to go the restroom without telling you are going there, or to answer the call of nature.

13. Sit and walk straight. Maintain good posture always even at home.

14. Dressing appropriately means you have to be in fashion.

15. Try to make as little noise as possible in all situations – when eating, walking, talking, working, etc. – even in your home.

16. Mobile phone etiquette is chiefly not disturbing others with it.

17. Laugh, smile, giggle, cry with dignity. Do not make a scene.

18. Be interested with people and things around you but be discreet.

19. Grooming is applicable only in formal occasions and places, not in your leisure and privacy.

20. Grooming distinctly separates men and women. It’s gender distinction. It gives dignity to being a gentleman or a lady.

21. One may be fashionable but not well groomed.

22. When one is in his advanced senior years, grooming does not apply to him anymore.

23. People with gender problem find it difficult to adjust with proper grooming. Often grooming result to mere attraction.

24. Never touch another person’s belongings without asking permission.

25. Never assume anything about anyone. Caution, caution.

NOTE: Grooming pets will be taken up in a separate lesson.
ANSWERS: 1t, 2f, 3t, 4f, 5f, 6f, 7f, 8t, 9t, 10f, 11t, 12f, 13t, 14f, 15t, 16t, 17t, 18t, 19f, 20t, 21t, 22f, 23t, 24t, 25t.

24 - 25 You are a model
21 - 23 You are well groomed, no doubt.
18 - 20 More finesse, please.
17 and below Practice makes perfect. Listen more to Paaralang Bayan.

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