Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Year's Resolution: Don't be a Victim of Heart Disease, the Number One Killer

Dr Abe V Rotor

I have known people - a number of them relatives, 
co-workers and former classmates - who died of heart disease. 

If you have positive family history, you are a potential candidate to heart attack and its complications. If you don't have one, still you are a candidate.  Heart attack is a Damocles Sword.  Take heed. 

Know the rules to live a long and happy life.
Here are ten factors you should be able to manage.

First,  Don't smoke.  Just don't. 

Second, Exercise.  Be active physically.  Get out of your comfort zone. 

Third, Reduce cholesterol level. Take less of meat and more fruits and vegetables.  

Fourth, Never indulge in drinking.                       
 Healthy heart angiogram (National Geographic)

Fifth, Live on healthy diet. Watch out your glucose level.

Sixth,  Maintain normal blood pressure always. 
Seventh, Don't be overweight.  Reduce. 

Eighth, Have regular medical checkup.

Ninth, Set a goal for your career and family.

Tenth, Have a positive outlook in life always. Reach out for life's meaning.  

Why don't you download this article, print and pin it as a daily reminder?

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