Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Painting with Earth

"As long as our value system continues to unify our well-being from a part organic and a part spiritual, we will find our existence genuine and our uniqueness innate wherein the aesthetics enriches us to appreciate more the enigma of creation as an immortal truth." 
- Joannes Paulus T Hernandez
Paintings by Joannes Paulus Tolentino Hernandez
Verses by Dr Abe V Rotor
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These are paintings made of local materials, principally earth mixed with paint and applied by hand and brush. These were made by Joannes Paulus Tolentino Hernandez, a student of mine in environmental science at the De La Salle University in DasmariƱas, Cavite, in 2002. I stumbled on these experimental paintings on paper among my old files, and realized how unique they are with the use of earth as medium to express man's submission to nature and a holy spirit.     
Plate half full, half empty,
abandoned, morsels spill 
for lack of taste or appetite,
hunger far from fill. 
what a waste, grace defiled,
sans prayer and will.  
Labyrinth in a fish tank 
with just a start and end,
in between a maze looms
endless in every bend, 
decoying the bold or lonely
to a test to the end.     

A subterranean window 
with new life's beginning;
it is the return of a lost spring
long in peaceful slumber;
window of a cave dwelling,
after the Armageddon. 

A cross, but what does its color tell us,
but blood, precursor of dust and ash? 
Arise from the earth once more, oh man!
Would you be a Homo sapiens again? 
Or a genie, and no longer his master? 
Will you too, be both sane and insane? 

"The transformation of energies and the conversion of the inorganic to organic nourishment of photosynthesis is the authentic nature of Genesis from which everything else follows." - Joannes Paulus T Hernandez

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Joannes Paulus T. Hernandez, B.S.H.B., B.S.N., R.N., (with M.A.N. earned units major in Adult Health Nursing) said...

It's so good to discover these paintings again after being cited by my great mentor, Dr. Rotor. I look forward to see him some time in the future and hope to make a collaboration for an art installation. Godspeed!