Saturday, May 24, 2014

Common problems of fruits

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Force ripening of banana, more so if harvested before full maturity, may lead to bacterial and fungal rot,  usually starting at the peduncle (fruit attachment).  Atis (Anona squamosa) attacked by atis borer, a scrourge of  other members of Family Anonaceae, like guyabano and anonang. Guava attacked by the fruit fly, Dacus dorsalis, which also attacks mango, cucubits (e.g. cucumber, ampalaya), oranges and many other fruits worldwide. These two insect pests are controlled by bagging, that is wrapping the newly formed fruit with paper or plastic but this is laborious.  Growers resort to chemical spraying that provides protective cover to the tree.  Recently systemic insecticides are used.  The active principle is absorbed by the plant and circulated in its sap, rendering its sap poisonous to the feeding insect.  Extreme care should be exercise when using insecticides.

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