Thursday, March 20, 2014

Go live with Nature, you may yet find the meaning of life

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Idyllic Farm Life mural by the author, circa 2002

If you've been in all your life living on the fast lane, trying to beat everyone,though you know you'll never win this nameless race;

If you've been residing in a high rise building, taller than everything around, 

and touching the clouds, and you know your feet is off the ground;

If you've been missing the passing of seasons, the wonders that each brings,

though you keep the holidays and weekends;

If you've been constantly bothered by ailments that medicine can only relieve,

and not cure, and doctors can only advise;

If you've lost contact with your roots through the years of searching for fame,

wedging farther your connection, feeling like an  a orphan;

If you've succeeded in your career, rising to the top to the awe and admiration 

of your colleagues, yet deep inside is a feeling of emptiness;

If you've reached retirement after all the years of work and its responsibilities, 
but trapped in a dull, prosaic life of boredom;

If you've lost your loved ones, alone you gather the pieces of happy memories,
nostalgic they are the rest of your life;

If you've been a good and loving guardian to your own children and other children, 
and they call you dad or lolo, and feeling being young again;

Get out of your confine, find a place in nature, live with her beauty and bounty,
her people and community, you may yet find the meaning of life. ~  

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