Friday, March 14, 2014

On-the-spot painting contest in our computer age - a test of genius

Verses and passages by Dr Abe V Rotor
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What lesson in life shall he write,
the simple and the meek 
where affluence and waste abound
with so few to speak?

On-the-spot contests the test of originality and wit,
sans technology that denies fairness 
and truth coded in the clouds, not in mind and heart,
rise the genius outside cyberspace.      

Postmodern Golgotha a multitude crucified
in the midst of progress; 
victims no other than ourselves at the altar 
of greed and waste. 

When the flag becomes a robe to keep away the cold,
to cover the naked body and suffering soul;
 comes an emissary, neither white nor black, but a li'l bird
a house sparrow robbed of its home and freedom.

There is Pablo Picasso in a troubled  being 
like ghost walking down the hall;
modern art, its essence is clear, its message  
neo-renaissance for all. 

As beauty begets beauty, so is ugliness, 
like vicious and abject poverty,
mired in the ages and posterity of man,
lest he faces a bleak destiny. 

Life's a jester in the court of everyday living,
from birth to death, from womb to tomb,
and beyond - as it was with our forebears,
more so with Homo sapiens et ludens.* 

*Homo sapiens (Man, the thinker); Homo ludens (Man, the player) 

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