Friday, January 3, 2014

UST GS: Homeostasis - Key to the Balance of Nature

Nature's Recyclers
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Foliose lichen grows and breaks down the lignin of wood.
Parks and Wildlife Nature Center, QC

Moss builds soil from rockan example of biological weathering.
Calaruega Retreat Center, Alfonso, Cavite

Termites eat wood with the aid of protozoa that live in
their stomach, an ideal example of symbiosis.
Termite mound covers a tree stump. Parks and Wildlife
Nature Center, Quezon City.

Mushrooms grow on plant residues, and convert them into
humus which fertilizes the crop. Antipolo, Rizal

Shelf mushrooms grow on dead wood, eventually converting
it into soil that piles up on 
the forest floor. Mt. Makiling, Laguna

Rot fungi blanket the dead limb of Ficus tree.
UST Manila.

A host of soil insects, principally crickets and grubs, was
responsible in toppling this tree. 
Caliraya Lake, Laguna.

Rhizobium bacteria convert atmospheric Nitrogen into nitrate
for the use of plants. Note tubercles in lower photo where the
beneficial bacteria reside.
Living with Nature 3, AVR

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