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UST-AB Dev Com: Optimism - the future is much better than the past and present.

Optimism - the future is much better than the past and present. 
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   Future scientist - setting a dream come true.

How optimistic are you? Here is a self-examination. Use the Likert scale: 1 low, 2 fair, 3 high, 4 very high, 5 outstanding.  Please see rating at the end of the article.  Share your experience in this lesson with your family and friends.   
When in your loneliness see dark clouds hovering, their edges glistening with silver lining, you wish rain to fall and turn the brown hills and parched fields into verdant green.

When tired, you take a deep breath of sigh and relief, and up in the sky you see migrating birds in V-formation, a collective strategy in long travel to the South.

When walking aimlessly, you take time out to watch the flowers of Nymphaea and Lotus emerging from a nearby pond as they open gracefully with the morning sun.

When you worry about global warming, its growing menace, you take measures in curving its effect for the protection of the present and future generations.    

When feeling stressed and worn out because of too much work and very little time for rest, you stop, look and listen to an inner voice longing to be heard and to be loved.

When you think you have poor memory, you must admit the fact that memory paves the way for renewal and preparation for the future with a clean slate, so to speak.          

When you see little chance for the economy to grow, you still go into business, small as it may be, with the belief in the "bottom-up" approach to economic  growth.  

When you lack pep and interest in your work, and you have a family to support, aiming at a comfortable retirement and bright future of your children, take heart, enliven the spirit.       
When going out of the house and see a black cat, a crow perched on a tree, and the first person you meet is an old woman, don't let superstition bar your way and spoil your day.    
When saddened by the destruction of the environment, you plant trees even at an old age, even if you will not reap the reward yourself - it is your humble contribution to the world. 

When you are in grief because a loved one has passed away, you accept the inevitability of such loss and find comfort and strength in facing life from the memory of the departed.   

When you are disheartened by news about conflicts, graft and corruption, disaster, etc., you consider these as challenge for reform and test of values to which you are a part. 

When the things you longed for in life have not been realized, and you are aware that time is running out, and no one but you can help, believe that life begins at forty - or sixty.  

When you contemplate defeat and heartache, you rise above pain and regret, and focus rather on how these can be avoided, and more than that - to become victorious.

When you are in the lowest ebb of life literally holding a piece of rope, you remember sometime you were asked if you wish to live you life all over again, and you said, yes.    

"Optimists work longer hours and tend to earn more.  They even save more." Time

"Without a neural mechanism that generates unrealistic optimism, all humans would be mildly depressed." Time 

"Awareness of mortality on its own would have led evolution to a dead end. The despair would have have interfered with our daily function, bringing the activities needed for survival to a stop... Knowledge of death had to emerge side by side with the persistent ability to picture a bright future." Ajit Varkl, University of California (Time, June 2011)            
 Thomas Edison, great American inventor, he is best known for inventing the incandescent lamp which lighted homes and cities and forever changed the night landscape.
 Charles Darwin, proponent of the most controversial issue on evolution through natural selection;  Mao Tse Tung, China's greatest leader; below, Alexander the Great, first proponent of a "United Nations" concept of world peace. 

Rating: 61 - 75 You are a model of Optimism.  Share it. Teach others.  
             45 - 60  You are happy and hopeful, you see a bright future.  
             44 and below - Read about the saga of great men and women. 

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