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We are living in a gas chamber

The city is a giant dome that traps a potpourri of gases and particles 
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There is no escape of the many substances that go with the air we breath. Everyday we take into our lungs gases and particles in varying kinds, amounts and combinations.  Many of these are deleterious to health, in the short and long run. 
If you live in the city you are taking these in large dosages as compared to those who live on the countryside, for the obvious reason that the country air is cleaner and that the body has more chance to adjust and recover.  Deadly smog.
  1. Carbon Dioxide
  2. Carbon Monoxide 
  3. Sulfur Dioxide
  4. Methane 
  5. Ammonia
  6. Dioxin
  7. Carbon particles
  8. Unburnt carbon compound 
  9. Paint gases
  10. Tobacco smoke 
  11. Toxic metals like lead
  12. Asbestos 
  13. Vulcanized rubber 
  14. Pesticide
  15. Cosmetic aerosols
  16. Spores of microorganisms
  17. Radioactive materials 
  18. Dust mites and microscopic organisms
  19. Water vapor
  20. Mixed odors, pollen to salts, silica, road dust 
First thing the doctor asks is, "Do you smoke?" The cigarette has 101 substances that enters the body, from tar to nicotine to additives.

When the shoulder becomes square, suspect some respiratory disorder.  This is a warning sign not to get too close to a potential disease carrier.

Those coughs often dismissed as "nothing" may be allergy, or incipient symptoms of disease. Beware.

Why are there people, many in their younger years, queuing for organ donation at the Kidney Institute and Heart Center? 

Cirrhosis of the liver, damaged kidney, early Alzheimer's and Parkinson's  and the like are traced to the air we breathe, moreso with unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle.

Abnormalities of children are traced to a number of these substances which are mutagenic and carcinogenic, among other deleterious consequences.

Mental disorders, psychological symptoms from anxiety to depression to suicide may be traced to many of these materials, like lead causing mental illness. 
                           Country Life, mural painting by AVR
The rise of clinical and hospital cases, many cannot be diagnosed, while others are compounded by factors which make diagnosis and treatment difficult.   

The air that we breathe, the water we drink, the food we take, are but one - they form a cycle.  Example: Gases in air are dissolved by rain, fall to the ground, absorbed by plants, taken by animals, before reaching our dining table. 

 And yet  the snowball effect continues as postmodernism has taken over humans their ability to control their lives and the destiny of their own cultures - a syndrome that negates man's dream of the Good Life.                          
It is a fallacy that in spite of these we seem to be living normal lives, and many of us even succeed in reaching the golden years of our lives, and even pass the centenarian mark.  

The truth is that more and more people are unhappy, more people are dying young, many are orphans not only of the home but of society, while countless just continue on living.  

The failure of technology at the end seems that modern man has created his own noosphere, including the path of his very destruction. ~ 

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