Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ode to Nature. Touch the animals, cuddle, talk and listen to them.

It's the most intimate moment with nature. .  
 Dr Abe V Rotor
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Butterflies are most beautiful if you can tame them. They alight on your hair and hand.  They circle around as if you were the center of all attraction. And make a moment a lifetime experience 

Iguana, don't be afraid, you've lived millions of years ahead of the dinasaurs - and continued on after their demise. Did you wait for this moment to be with the most intelligent creature - and you the most ancient reptile?  
How lovely it is to be with a lady - pure, beautiful, true.  Only that I am but a skeleton now. Yet I represent my own world under the sea, a world as beautiful as you and your kind. 
Brothers in evolution, dichotomy each his own.  If we would have followed the same path -  would we be together as we are this time?
Rabbit, you take my fever out, you relax my frown into smile, you seem to understand everything, and believe in everything I say - even those my friends don't. 
Snakehead, it's not fair that people associate you by part with a fearful creature. But if this is how nature made you in order to survive,  then I would like to look into myself in reflection.
Fleshy caterpillar as green as the leaf you eat and live on. Is this the way you prepare yourself to be a beautiful butterfly? Or offer yourself to the food chain - so that life goes on and on. Where is cruelty, where is love, compassion.  What is beauty?  
Listen to the sea, the ancient sea, from a fossil shell, eons of time ago. If the lady listens well, she is part of the world and history, and an enduring friendship of human and nature .

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