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Yes, you can write. Tips on How to be an Effective Writer

Dr Abe V Rotor
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 Senator Edgardo Angara, AVR; Larry Henares (center)
 Great Filipino Writers: Sedfrey Ordoñez, Ofelia Dimalanta, Larry Francisco, 
Jose Garcia Villa; Nick Joaquin 

 400 Books of UST (1611-2011), International Book Fair, author and family with Bishop Bacani
 Left: Authors of Humanities Today with Radyo ng Bayan hosts; 
veteran dramatist and author, Fr James Reuter, SJ

You can be a newspaperman, radio broadcaster, TV anchorman, feature writer, columnist. You can be an author, and that's not a far dream.

If you are a student you will get higher grades for your reports and theme work. You will get a good rating for your research. You will be better understood of what you wish to communicate.

If you follow the following tips:
1. Think first, then write
2. Get to the point
3. Use familiar words
4. Omit verbal deadwood
5. Keep your sentences short
6. Shorten your paragraph
7. Use specific, concrete language
8. Prefer the simple to the complex
9. Be positive
10.Use the active voice
11.Write as you talk
12.Use adjectives sparingly
13.Revise and sharpen
14.Write to express, nmjot to impress
15.Odds and ends. Moderate use of words
16.Grammar, form and style
17.Respect culture and tradition
18.Morals and ethics
19.Read, read, read
20.Providence, the Unseen Hand

Good luck!

Reference: Journalism for Filipinos, Alito L Malinao

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