Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Camera - the Third Eye (UST-AB 3CA1, 2, 3, 4)

Dr Abe V Rotor  

Living with Nature - School on Blog
Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid (People's School-on-Air) with Ms Melly C Tenorio 
738 KHz DZRB AM Band, 8-9 evening class, Monday to Friday
Assignment: Interpret this article 

A raft lies among the rocks 
as the waves roll forever, 
the breeze hisses in the tree 
in the lazy air of summer.

Love that camera, it's your third eye,
the window to the world in passing; 
as never in another time ever again, 
on this way or that before you die.

When the world is up or down, you go
down the lane and around the bend, 
in times of plenty or dire in comfort, 
the camera shall bring in the rainbow.  

Magic does technology amaze us all, 
work in a lifetime is but a moment,
and the artist is each and every one,
with a little of Da Vinci et al in full.    

Take the road, the sun, make haste,
for having lost your prime and hale,
the lens too, clouds out like the eye,
the window closes. Oh, what a waste!

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